Being passionate about creating something important.

We are always looking for people who understand what it means to be passionate about creating something important. When your heart is in the work, you get more done, create more value, and enjoy life more. The more people we have on our team who understand that a job can, and should be, much more than just a job, the more we will succeed together. The payoff will be in demonstrating that the “Buy Forward” commitment and a core of solid values can be part of creating a sustained and significant advantage.

Why do we think we’re creating something important?

The founders’ pledge of a tithe (a “tenth”) of their stock to a non-profit relief and development organization was more an act of faith and desire to do the right thing than a marketing or strategy decision. By embedding this principle into the DNA of our company, we ended up with a unique hybrid — a “third option” if you will — an organization somewhere between purely profit and purely not-for-profit. We have come to believe that for us and for many others, this is not only a good option, it is the right answer to balancing the pursuit of profits with helping support the many worthy causes of our world. The Buy Forward is not merely a promotion or a corporate donation; it is part of who we are. It is not a grafted-in branch, but rather, part of the root structure of the tree we are growing.

The rightness of this model gives us a responsibility.

We have a commitment to our investors, to ourselves, and to the world, to do whatever it takes to make such a success of our endeavor that others will ascribe credibility to the model — and follow it. For more about Buy Forward, click here.

Experience is generally less important than attitude and ability. We are happy to train the right person — someone with initiative, energy, integrity, common sense, who can adapt to evolving roles, be a positive team player, and be willing to commit to the company and its causes.

What you need to know about Civicom. We are a growing company with employees in five locations. We provide services in four general areas — telecommunications, iPhone/Droid Apps, marketing research technology support, and transcription/data entry. The company has a flexible team-oriented environment, a global orientation, an open work space, and is unique because the founders pioneered the “Buy Forward” concept by pledging 10% of their stock to a global humanitarian & relief organization. The company HQ is located near the border of Connecticut and New York — across from a new theater/restaurant complex, 50 steps from the Port Chester train station, and 2 miles from downtown Greenwich, CT. The other, smaller companies are, and