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Increase Productivity, Spend Less

Please.Do is a customizable mobile app that when used for tasks you want to move away from your busy employees to us for handling, can increase your team’s effectiveness and save you money. You decide what tasks you would like to have off-loaded to Please.Do; we assign a team to fulfill your needs. Your people send Please.Do the tasks that need to be done; we do them for you and send them back to you completed. We support any administrative requirement, from handling expense reports for a sales team, to the work requirements of entire departments.


A Smarter Investment

A Smarter Investment

You pay people a lot, but they spend a chunk of their time doing mundane tasks that are basic activities that less expensive personnel could be doing for them. Identifying those tasks and having them fulfilled by Please.Do frees up your team’s time so they are able to focus on their primary role and move your business forward.

Empower Your Mobile Workforce
Equip Your Mobile Workforce

Your mobile workforce is likely to be calling on multiple customers each day. Each visit involves some combination of record keeping, notes, photos or drawings to keep track of what has been done or what is needed. Please.Do lets you set up the format you want for receiving this data. Then using the Please.Do app, your team members can speak, type, or take pictures of notes and include instructions for handling. With a click of a button, the information goes to one of your assigned Please.Doers where it is processed and returned in a completed format.

Customized Solutions
Relieve Administrative Burdens

Please.Do offers a wide array of uses and features to fit the specific needs of your business. We work with you to evaluate your current processes in place and identify how we can help your team be more efficient and productive through a customized solution. Is there an administrative burden that your organization is currently struggling with? Please let us know — we frequently create additional customized solutions for the companies we work with.

Please.Do Consumer
A Personal Assistant In Your Pocket

Please.Do allows you to delegate tasks to a virtual team of skilled and efficient assistants. Depend on your PleaseDoer to complete all sorts of tasks. From creating business expense reports or pricing out travel options, to handling personalized special requests, your PleaseDoer can complete just about any project you desire. Feel confident that Please.Do will get it done quickly and effectively! At just 25¢ a minute, Please.Do is cost effective. You pay only for the time you use.


How to Work With Please.Do

Our Please.Doers are quick, effective and are there to assist you with all of your needs. You can type or speak your instructions to PleaseDo and send an image if needed. You’ll get an acknowledgement back almost immediately, along with a cost estimate and the expected time the task will take.

Additional Features
So Many Uses For Please.Do

Take a picture of  your  notes and have them transcribed and sent back to you in a editable format. Send Please.Do a photo of your rough design sketches and they can work it up into a more compete image.  Take a picture of anything you want to know more about. Send it to Please.Do and tell them what you want to know about it. they will research it and send you back the information you are looking for.

Small Business Solutions
Great For Small Business

Running a small business requires you to wear many hats. Your time is best spent on managing and growing your business. Please.Do can take care of individual tasks that you need done to help you run your small  business. It is is an ideal solution when you have lots of items that need to be taken care of but don’t have enough work for or the financial flexibility to employ someone on your staff.


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